We take nature and sustainability into account in all of our decisions

In 2018, we decided to use Hawkhill as a tool in the fight against climate change. We want to be pioneers in responsible tourism.

Our goal is to do our part in saving the planet

Our goal is to be a forerunner in sustainable travel and to show our guests, partners and competitors that it is really imperative to take environment and the climate into account in their travels.

This means for example CO2-free electricity and heating, fully electric logistics, building cottages that last over 100 years, recycling everything possible and minimizing our water consumption.

We follow and minimize our CO2 emissions yearly and compensate for the part that we cannot remove.

Why is nature so dear to us?

Hawkhill is a family company in the third generation. Our cottages and villas are only a short bike ride away from our childhood home. The surrounding woods and the Nuuksio National Park were our playgrounds when we were children. We want to make sure that the Finnish nature and the planet as a whole stays clean also in the future.

These values and nature in essence is our company’s bedrock. Our owners have decided that Hawkhill will be used as a tool to fight climate change and environmental challenges.

Less talk, more action for climate and the environment!

Here is a summary on what action we have taken in our company:

  • We focuse on quality over quantity, to make as small an impact on the environment as possible
  • Calculated and minimized our CO2 footprint. Our goal is a negative carbon balance.
  • Our cottage resort heating systems are AI managed to minimize energy use
  • Our heating systems are low emission (ground heating and heating pumps)
  • We use low emission electricity (nuclear based)
  • Our company cars are 100% electric to lower our emissions
  • We offer electric car recharging to our customers free of charge
  • We recycle everything we can from food to furniture
  • We build to last by using wood (carbon storage), avoid concrete and plastics. Our goal is that all of our structures would last a hundred years.
  • We only use eco labeled detergents and shampoos
  • We minimize our food waste and donate excess food
  • All of our showers and faucets are low flow to reduce water consuption
  • We track our water consumption monthly
  • We were the first company in our area to achieved Green Key -environmental certificate in 2019.
  • In 2020 we were among the first ompanies to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland -label
  • We tell about our values and actions to our guests, partners and competitors
  • We buy used furniture and refurbishe them

And this is just small summary of our actions.

Low Carbon footprint since 2019

We have calculated our companies carbon footprint since 2019 and we have taken the following measures to minimize it:

  • Low emission electricity (nuclear)
    • LED light
  • Low emission heating (excess heat capture, heat pumps, ground heating)
    • AI-managed heating systems
    • Room temperature set to 21
  • Low emission transportation
    • All company cars 100% electric to minimize logistics emissions
    • We offer our guests free electric car charging
  • Low carbon footprint catering
    • Plant based local food, meat is game and as fish we use Finnish lakefish
    • No disposable tableware
    • Low emission kitchen appliances

As a last resort we compensate the emissions we cannot minimize with Nordic Offset.

Our emissions from our business in 2022 were 9.8 t CO2. We compensate our emissions twice.

In addition we focus our marketing to the markets near to us to minimize our guests flight emissions.

Hawkhill’s environment policy

  • We minimize and reduce our environmental impact by continuously developing our operations
  • Our goal is to achieve CO2 negative operations by the yera 2030
  • We will compensate and make up for our company’s historical emissions from the year 1963. This will be done by the year 2030
  • We build ecologically from wood (carbon storage) and to last over 100 years
  • We guide our guests on how to act ecologically
  • We promote environmental protection actively and take part in discussion in social media
  • We support and take part in circular economy
  • We are committed to our environment certification program (Green Key)

Involving our guests and business partners

One big part of our environmental work is to guide and teach our guests, so that they know how what impact their actions have on the environment and make it easy for them to make the right choices. Small actions and the right attitude can make a real difference!

We expect that our business partners share the same values and are committed on making the right choices for the environment.

Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland labels

Our company was awarded the Green Key award for responsible and sustainable operation within tourism industry. The Green Key program supports our environmental work and helps us push our business to be even more environment-friendly.

In addition we achieved the Sustainable Travel Finland label in 2020 among the first companies in Finland.

Act now and be a force for good!

We really want to make an impact on people and businesses as well as the society. Our goal is to lead by example on how to run sustainable travel business.

The world need brave individuals and companies to show the way. We need all of you to join in the fight against climate change and environmental injustice.

Be part of the change today!

-Annu, Kaisa and Matti / Hawkhill Cottage Resrot