A pioneer in responsible tourism

Responsibility is the cornerstone of our business

Responsible entrepreneurship is not about communication and great speeches, it is about concrete actions and the right choices every day of the year.

Responsibility consists of three areas: economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility. At Hawkhill, we take all the aspects of responsbility into account in everything we do.

Environment and climate work

We are located in the middle of Finland’s beautiful nature. We want to make sure it stays the same and is enjoyable for future generations. We take the surrounding nature into account in all our decisions and use Hawkhill for climate work.

For more information about our environmental activities: read here.

A financially responsible family business in the third generation

Hawkhill is a family business in the third generation and our family has lived in the area since 1947. We use the services of local small businesses, employ locals and want to develop the services of our village. We pay a fair wage to our employees and want to provide opportunities for young people too!

You can read more about the history and future prospects of our family business here.

Hawkhill as an employer and partner

In addition to our staff and customers, we take the residents of Tervalampi village and our cottage neighbors as well as our subcontractors into account in all our business activities. We aim to be a fair and reliable partner and a good employer, and we want to bring good to the people in the area.

Diversity and inclusion

It is safe for everyone to arrive and stay at Hawkhill.

We do not make assumptions about anyone’s ethnicity, beliefs, gender, sexuality, health, ability to function, or social class. We are e.g. involved in the We Speak Gay community.

We do not accept discrimination on any grounds.