Activities in the wild

Starting at 29 € PP, guided hike to Nuuksio National Park
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Come for a guided wild herb excursion, try ice fishing or experience open fire cooking in traditional Finnish manner

At Hawkhill you can experience Nordic nature at its best. If you want to go hiking, snowshoeing, ice fishing or canoeing to Nuuksio National Park, we can arrange that! If you want, we can also add catering to the experience.

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Outside winter activities when staying at Hawkhill

During the winter there is a lot to do with your family and friends. In the video we showcase some of the things that you can do.

Guided hiking trip to Hawkhill or to Nuuksio National Park

Private guide will take you to a hiking trip to the nearby rugged hill of Haukkamäki (in English Hawkhill) or for a longer trip to explore the Nuuksio National Park in more depth. Catering is organized according to your wishes.

Duration 1–5 hours

260 € 1 – 4 persons, for bigger groups ask an offer

Open fire cooking in traditional Finnish manner

Learn how to cook on open fire, or if you prefer you can just follow how your private chef prepares the menu for you. Menu can be planned according to your taste e.g. smoked fish or Finnish sausages with stick-buns or Finnish pancakes as dessert.

Duration 1.5 hours (prepared by a private chef)

290 € – Depending on the menu and group size

Guided wild herb excursion to Haukkamäki or Nuuksio National Park

Learn about Finnish wild herbs and their use through the ages. Relax and enjoy refreshing herbal tea made from wild herbs together with wild berry cookie

270 € 1 – 4 person, additional persons 45 € PP

Snowshoeing trip in winter wonderland

Have you ever tried snowshoeing in the winter? It is great fun! Our guide will take you to a brisk walk through beautiful snow covered forest. With snowshoes you can access places that aren't otherwise accessible. The trip can be made as heavy or light as the group wants.

300 € 1 – 4 persons, additional persons 50 € PP

When renting accommodation

10 € / stay
Baby cot (travel model)
20 € / stay
30 € / day
30 € / day
30 € / day
20 € / day

Nature is important to us

Sustainability and preserving nature's diversity are important to us. We are committed to follow the Finnish State Forest Enterprise's Principles of Sustainable Tourism. We take this into account in every aspect of our business. We also instruct and encourage our clients to act likewise. To further develop our business in this respect, we are participating in two nature certification programs. 

In co-operation with our partners

We also provide the following activities when renting our accommodation. Our partners offer high quality services and operate responsibly. We are a part of the NuuksioResort -site that promotes Nuuksio National Parks different services and entrepreneurs.

Husky dog sledge ride in Nuuksio

Get to know the sympatic Husky dogs and also dog sledging. Depending on the weather you will get on a dog sled or a cart. In co-operation with Arctic Expedition.

GPS treasure hunt

Hawkhill´s GPS treasure hunt is an easy and fun way to get familiar with the surrounding nature. You will get to search hidden checkpoints in small groups and answer to questions found in them. In co-operation with Erä-Atlas.

Wilderness skill contest

Contest is held between small groups. You will get five wilderness challenges that require knowledge, skills and accuracy. Teams get to compete in dexterity, making an open fire and knowledge of the nature. In co-operation with Erä-Atlas.

Mindfulness exercises in the forrest

Enjoy a guided reviving walk around the forrest including mindfulness exercises. Suitable for everyone. In co-operation with Mindstone.

Mindfulness lecture in the peace of the forrest

Mindfulness knowledge and guided exercises. Refreshing and relaxing experience that helps you focus. In co-operation with Mindstone.


An easy way to try out canoening! You will learn the right paddling technique and get to try it out. In co-operation with Feel the Nature.

SUP boarding

Activity can be tailored for the groups needs, whether you are a first timer or a seasoned SUP boarder. You can also try different kinds of games on SUP boards or do mindfulness exercises on the board. In co-operation with Twentyknots.


All kinds of workshops from different ecological materials from buttons to twigs. You can get impressive results easily! In co-operation with Villa Utu.