Basics of Nuuksio Part 1 – Haukkalampi area

Hiking is now trendy, but If it has been a while since you took along walk in the forest or hiking in the nature just has not been a part of your routines, it might sound exciting to explore a national park. Gladly Nuuksio National Park offers hiking options of all levels. It is worth starting your hike from the Haukkalampi area, as it is easily accessible and there are many clearly marked paths in the area.

Haukkalampi area in Nuuksio

The area around Haukkalampi is by far the most famous and most attractive area in Nuuksio National Park. It is no wonder, as there are several campfire and tent sites right by the pond within a short walk of the car park.

Most of the trails are possible to walk with prams or even in a wheelchair. However, it is worth noting that there are some up and downhills throughout Nuuksio, including around Haukkalampi.

Services and sights in and around Haukkalampi

In Haukkalampi, there is a service point called Haukanpesä, ” Hawk´s Nest”, which has a small café, equipment rentals and a wood-heated sauna. In the same yard there is also a Nature Hut, where exhibitions are held from time to time. On the website maintained by Metsähallitus, you will find the contact information and opening hours of Haukkalampi.

Years ago, we were walking the Nahkiaispolku with my pre-school aged children when we were hit by a spectacular thunderstorm. The trip, and especially the quick exit from the forest, certainly left a memory for us all.

There are also three marked ring routes from the same place: Punarinnankierros (2 km), Haukankierros (4 km) and Korpinkierros (8 km). Routes are clearly marked with different colored signs.

The advantages of Haukkalampi are good accessibility and a short distance to several beautiful ponds from the parking lot. There are many places worth visiting in the vicinity of Haukkalampi, including the largest cave in the Nuuksio area, Mustalampi with its salt marshes, as well as a well-marked nature trail and the starting point for ring trails.

Arrival at Haukkalammi

Haukkalammi is conveniently accessible by car and public transport. Comprehensive information on arriving at Haukkalammi can be found on the Nuuksio National Park website.

If you arrive in Haukkalammi by car, you should follow the communication on the Haltia Nature Center Facebook page. It is often indicated there if the car park is full.