Basics of Nuuksio Part 2 – easily accessible hiking destinations

If Nuuksio National Park is not already familiar, it can be difficult to know where to go. In this article, I have compiled three great locations that are easy to find at Haukkalampi area.

I wrote more about Haukkalammi and arriving there in Basics of Nuuksio part1 last week.

1. Mustalampi – the most photographed destination in Nuuksio National Park

To the south of Haukkalampi, about 500 meters away, lies Mustalampi, which is certainly the most photographed destination in Nuuksio National Park. The Black Pond was born in the middle of the 20th century, when a landowner decided to put a dam in a marshy pond and raise the water level so that the pond would provide suitable location for summer cottages. The end result was a little different. The salt pans rose to the surface and continued to float on the surface of the pond. No cottages were built.

There are three campfire sites on the shores of Mustalampi and a pier where you can take a dip in the dark water. There are no cottages or settlements around the pond.

The absolute attraction of Mustalammi is, of course, the infamous dam mentioned above, which you can carefully climb over.

2. Holma-Saarijärvi – an easy camping destination

Another significant and easily marked path leads to Holma-Saarijärvi. You can find a lot of hikers on the shores of Holma-Saarilampi and on the island, especially during the summer. The island has a cozy campfire site surrounded by a few tent sites. There are more tent sites, a shed, an outdoor hood and a firewood storage facility near the bridge.

A slightly quieter campfire can be found on the northwestern edge of the pond. By the way, the Celebrity Survivors in Channel Four spring 2017 program was filmed at this campfire site.

The distance from the Haukkalampi car park to Holma-Saarijärvi is about 2 km.

3. Iso-Holma – The quiet beauty of Nuuksio

From Haukkalammi to the north, a path towards Iso-Holma wonders off to the west. The shores at Iso-Holma usually have slightly quieter campfires and better space for tents. The scenery is breathtaking. Iso-Holma is my absolute favorite pond in Nuuksio.

One day we came from the direction of Tervalampi, over the cliffs of Iso-Holma, towards the campfire site. The weather was gray and quite calm. The bare steep cliff of Iso-Holman was drawn to the surface of the pond with an indescribably beautiful reflection.

These routes are all clearly marked and easily accessible to everyone. I recommend everyone to visit the beautiful Nuuksio National Park.

A general map of Nuuksio National Park can be downloaded from Metsähallitus’ website. Nuuksio is well managed without a map, if you stay on the marked routes, but I recommend purchasing the Nuuksio / Luukki outdoor map 1:20 000, which is sold in bookstores and Luontokeskus Haltia.