Can you arrive at your cabin without needing a car? Yes you can!

You can certainly reach Hawkhill Resort without needing to use a car. We believe that a car should not be a compulsory requirement for those wanting to experience an authentic cottage holiday. Even though Finland is a land of long distances, and owning a car is a practical necessity for many, those living in urban centres and particularly the capital area do get by very well without owning a car. In fact, they don’t really need it.

Besides, even if you have a car, sometimes it’s still relaxing to opt for train or bus travel instead of needing to focus on driving.

Hawkhill has always been a sustainable company and ever since the start we have felt we should always be within easy reach by both car and public transport. That said, we naturally don’t have say on public transport routes – however, Nuuksio National Park is luckily a popular destination that bus routes need to serve.

How to reach Hawkhill without a car:

  • Take a train or bus to Espoo centre (Espoon keskus) – there are direct trains from e.g. the main railway station in Helsinki
  • After arriving at Espoo centre, take the bus route 245A to Nuuksio
  • Get off at the Kattila bus stop, which is also where this bus terminates
  • Take a rowboat across Kaitlampi (more information below) or walk the final part of the journey (1.5 kilometres)

Important! The bus route 245A terminates at the Kattila stop only during the summer season (from mid-May to mid-October). In winter, the bus terminates at Nuuksionpää, from where the journey by foot to reach Hawkhill Resort is longer, approximately 5 kilometres – which is not convenient for most. More information about the Nuuksio bus route can be found at the HSL website.

The alternative to the route above is to take the bus 280 to Veikkola, from where you can take a cab and reach the resort in 15 minutes. Our taxi partners: Taksipalvelu Jokinen, TaxiLady, Helsinki Limoservice.

We are happy to pick up our guests from the bus stop by rowboat

People do arrive at Hawkhill without a car of their own on a regular basis so for us, picking our guests up from the bus stop by rowboat is part of our everyday routines. All you need to do to travel the final par to the journey by boat is to let us know at what time we need to come pick you up (the cost of the rowboat journey is EUR 30 per single journey / max 3 people). If needed, we will take life vests with us that you can then borrow for the journey.

The boat journey is a worthwhile experience in and of itself. Relaxing in the gentle flow of the rowboat on a lake, it makes a wonderful way to arrive at your chosen cottage or villa, setting the right kind of atmosphere to begin your stay.

Instead of the rowboat journey, you can certainly also cross the final part of the journey by foot. In this case, you would be following a forest trail. It is also possible to order the rowboat to fetch your luggage and then you can enjoy a lovely forest walk to the Cottage Village. We are happy to help you with any questions you might have regarding arriving at Hawkhill Resort, at .

How long does it take to arrive at the cabin without a car?

How long it takes for you to arrive at Espoo centre depends on where you depart from. But the bus journey from Espoo centre to Kattila takes approximately 35–40 minuuttia. For example, if you depart from the main railway station in Helsinki, your total travel time to the Kattila bus stop would be a little more than an hour, and from Tampere your journey to the Kattila bus stop would take approximately three hours (Pendolino or InterCity + local train + bus).

The rowboat journey from the Kattila bus stop to the resort lasts for 10–15 minutes.

How to get groceries to your cabin without a car?

With a bit of advance planning, you can easily have all the groceries you need at the cabin without needing to drive to a shop. The best way is to do grocery shopping online and have it delivered at your cabin. Hawkhill Resort is within the delivery area of the following shops: K-Supermarket VihtiK-Supermarket Nummela, K-Citymarket Nummela and Prisma Nummela.

Hawkhill also offers many options for different types of catering needs. You can purchase our DIY Meal Kits that contain the ingredients and recipes for all the meals and snacks you need during your stay, which you would then cook yourself. For those looking for more ready-made experience, our Forest Restaurant concept allows you to have a chef of your own to cook your meals throughout your entire stay.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the beautiful nature of Nuuksio Natural Park, staying in one of our high-quality villas or cottages – indeed, also without a car!