Dine on food made from fresh Finnish ingredients

Our combination of the traditional and the modern also extends to dining services. We offer delicious, locally produced food made from Finnish ingredients. Our dining experiences produce minimal emissions.

Great food is a key ingredient in any successful event

Be it breakfast, dinner or anything in between, we offer delicious food according to your wishes.

Our menus are put together specifically for your event, and our meals are made from fresh, seasonal ingredients in the Hawkhill way.

Whether you want food delivered to your door or a wilderness chef to whip up an unforgettable dinner, we have you covered!

Locally produced food, organic food and a small carbon footprint

We use organic and locally produced ingredients wherever possible. We strive to ensure our food has a low carbon footprint by offering delicious vegetarian options. The meat we serve is either game or produced sustainably and locally. Our fish is sustainably farmed and ASC certified.

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Hassle-free conference catering

We can organise catering for your conference based on your wishes, from breakfast to dinner, certainly not forgetting afternoon coffee.

How does a pancake party at your cottage’s campfire or our atmospheric Forest Restaurant sound? How about some enchanting afternoon tea à la Hawkhill at your cottage or campfire?

Hawkhill’s unique dinner menu

We give our guests unforgettable dinner experiences using sustainable seasonal ingredients.

What your Hawkhill menu might look like:

  • Spring season menu


    Venison tartar with Vilho cheese 
    – parsley root buttercream and ground elder
    Main courses
    Fried Finnish fish* in chervil and lemon curd sauce
    – spring vegetables and new potatoes
    (*zander, whitefish, arctic char or perch)
    Vegetarian main courses
    Pea patty in chervil and lemon curd sauce
    – spring vegetables and new potatoes
    Gooseberry ice cream with caramel sauce

Don’t forget to also explore Hawkhill’s Forest Restaurant and Korpela Laavu

Hawkhill’s Forest Restaurant is a unique private dining concept available to all Hawkhill guests. Whether you’re organising a conference or a party, our restaurant is here to cover all your dining needs.

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Hawkhill’s laavu, a traditional form of Finnish wilderness shelter, is one of the most breathtaking in Southern Finland. It serves as both an event venue and the dining hall of Hawkhill’s Forest Restaurant. The laavu and the steep hillside of Haukkamäki combine to create an exceptional location for all kinds of events.

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