Free cottage holiday activities

Hawkhill offers activities all year round. While we are always ready to organise premium activities for individual guests and companies, there is no shortage of things to do for free!

Own yard, private access to lake and a boat

The best things to do at Hawkhill are of course sauna, swimming and rowing. This is all possible at every villa; each one has a sauna and a barbecue area, and each villa has its own rowing boat on the shore. In addition, different sizes of life jackets are available for boaters to use free of charge.

We have built the villas so that each one has a private yard and its own pier. Thus, our guests can go to sauna and swim completely in their own privacy.

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Delve into Nuuksio National Park

One of the greatest appeals of cottage holidays at Hawkhill is the serene nature of Nuuksio National Park. You can breathe in the peaceful atmosphere of your natural surroundings on your cottage’s terrace or jetty, or you could easily venture further out into the majestic Finnish wilderness. Visitors can enjoy Hawkhill’s very own 1.5-kilometre nature trail. You will find a laminated trail guide at your cottage that includes information about the area’s natural environment, animals and history. We also have a separate nature trail for families that encourages children to look for interesting natural sights. And that’s not all! Our cottage resort also has a short, half-kilometre guided art trail.

In your cottage, you will find a book with maps and tips to help you explore the national park.

Each cottage has its own boat, and life jackets are freely available, giving you the opportunity to enjoy Nuuksio from the gentle waters of the lake.

We also offer various guided activities for groups of all sizes: Activities in the wild

Map of Nuuksio National Park (pdf) – Look for number 7 on the map to find Hawkhill.

Explore Hawkhill’s borrow-it-here service

Every Hawkhill cottage naturally offers its residents the opportunity to enjoy the sauna, swim, barbecue and go boating in the cottage’s own rowboat. But cottage holidays also offer the opportunity for much more, including fishing, playing yard games, picking wild berries and mushrooms and even aquajogging. Our cottage resort has a borrow-it-here service that offers visitors a number of items they can borrow for free.

Available in the summer and autumn:

  • fishing equipment
  • walking poles
  • aquajogging belt
  • yoga mat
  • berry picker
  • buckets for picking berries and mushrooms
  • pancake pan
  • campfire kettle
  • pétanque sets (each cottage has a mölkky yard game set, and some also have a dartboard)
  • badminton rackets and shuttlecocks
  • floats
  • children’s life jackets in various sizes (adult life jackets can be found in your cottage)

Available in the winter:

  • sled
  • snow saucer
  • kick sled


There are a pair of swings at the top of Haukkamäki hill that visitors may use freely. Also, don’t forget about our rentals: fatbikes, stand-up paddle boards, snowshoes and other equipment!

Regerative travel

We offer many possibilities to act sustainably during your visit. You can for example go for a walk in our own bog, pick up some twigs and add them to our deadwood fences.

During summer we encourage our guests to fight against invasive alien species, especially the garden lupine. You can go harvest lupine on our meadows anytime. We provide all necessary equipment and instructions at our recycling point.

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Welcome Cyclist

Hawkhill proudly displays the Welcome Cyclist badge. The purpose of the badge is to make the lives of people travelling by bike easier by helping them find bike-friendly services.

We welcome cyclists and offer them secure storage for their bikes, as well as access to bicycle pumps and basic tools. We also provide information about bicycle routes and services in the Nuuksio National Park area. Visitors arriving by bicycle can even order food in advance so their delicious meal is waiting for them when they get here.

We also rent out mountain bikes, kick bikes and fatbikes and offer guided bicycle tours of Nuuksio’s trails. Find out more on our summer activities page!