Our banquet hall – Korpela Laavu

Hawkhill’s laavu, a traditional form of Finnish wilderness shelter, on the edge of Nuuksio National Park is one of the most breathtaking in Southern Finland. It serves as both an event venue and the dining hall of Hawkhill’s Forest Restaurant. The laavu and the steep hillside of Haukkamäki combine to create something truly special.

Hawkhill Forest Restaurant’s dining hall – Korpela Laavu

Hawkhill’s laavu is among Southern Finland’s most breathtaking. It functions as a conference space, dining hall, get-together spot or even cocktail party venue. Nestled among the trees on the side of a rocky outcrop, the shelter conjures a magical atmosphere, and our restaurant ensures it comes with the perfect meal for the occasion.

The laavu is available for booking from spring through autumn.

Add an unforgettable experience at Korpela Laavu to your stay at Hawkhill

If you’re looking for something exceptional to add to your vacation in Nuuksio National Park or your company’s event, why not try dining in the lap of the Finnish forest at Hawkhill’s laavu.

Take an unforgettable wilderness cooking course at Korpela Laavu

One of Korpela Laavu’s specialties is wilderness chef Anssi Lohvansuu’s wilderness cooking course. Try your hand at campfire cooking and learn its secrets with Anssi. In the process, you and your team will get to enjoy a delicious four-course meal at the laavu. The course is an excellent choice for any company outing.

Duration approximately 5 hours
Appropriate for groups of 2–20

Wilderness chef Anssi’s Laavu Menu

Hot game soup with malted bread fresh from the gridiron LF


Alder-smoked rainbow trout straight from the smoker LF, GF
with seasonal garnishes


Campfire pancakes with jam and whipped cream LF
(guests can also participate in preparing the pancakes)

Laavu Fine Dining – for an enriched experience

We offer a fine dining menu at the laavu. Designed for groups of 2–12, it is an enticing experience served to your table. Working at the campfire, chef Mari Hyyryläinen plans and prepares an unforgettable meal using seasonal ingredients. The food is served under the stars at sheepskin-draped tables by the light of candles and lanterns.