Hawkhill Product Manual for Travel Trade

Who are we?

Hawkhill is a family company that focusing on exclusive and sustainable cottage accommodation as well as activities and experiences in nature. We operate in the Nuuksio National Park and Helsinki area, Finland,

Exclusive cottages

Located just a 45-min drive from Helsinki, Hawkhill owns and operates eight (8) high-quality lakeside cottages, with a total capacity up to 52 people.

For the coming season we are offering five holiday packages: The Hawkhill SAUNA Experience Finnish Cottage Life Taster Recharge and Reload in the Woods Finnish Cottage Escape Premium Stay at Hawkhill

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We act responsibly from the point of view of the environment, people and the economy. Enabling and promoting sustainable tourism is the cornerstone of all our activities.

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What’s new at Hawkhill 2024

Inclusively tailored for you! 

  • Developing our accessibility: three of our villas are now accessible, and we offer activities for wheelchair users 
  • We are making our voice heard in terms of LGBTQ+ friendliness – we have joined the We Speak Gay community as a part of our effort to ensure it is known that at Hawkhill, we warmly welcome and celebrate you just the way you are 

Delve into the Finnish nature 

  • Built a designated place for open fire, for all customers to enjoy – you can use it to barbeque sausages in the traditional Finnish way or just spend a nice evening gathered around the warming flames 
  • Forest restaurant Hawkhill Hut is ready and serving customers with delicious high-end meals enriched with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients 
  • New activities from guided fatbike tours to a variety of different types of exercise classes 
  • New hiking routes at Hawkhill (2,5 km and 5 km)

Environment and sustainability 

  • CO2 negative operations in 2022 with a 7.5% decrease in energy usage 
  • Green Key and STF certified resort 
  • Thanks to our efforts in increasing local waste sorting services, we are currently able to sort 80% of all of our waste 
  • Biodiversity assessment of the Hawkhill estate conducted in 2023, with a roadmap to restore the original habitat of e.g. our bog and our field 
  • Regenerative travel activities and local community projects 
  • Participated in founding the Nuuksio Lakeland travel concept, collaborating with many local service provides to increase the livelihood around the Nuuksio area and our Tervalampi village 

Hawkhill Prices

Prices can be found on a separate pricing sheet.