Welcome to Hawkhill!

Thank you for choosing Hawkhill Cottage Village for your holiday destination. We want to welcome you and your family to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature at Hawkhill. In this page we have collected a hefty info package to ensure that your visit will be the best one possible.

Arrival day

Before vacation

For these pages we have gathered the most FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding our villas. We hope they will also help your preparation for the coming holiday. As you arrive to the villa an Info folder is waiting for you on the kitchen table. From the folder you’ll find plenty of tips and instructions regarding the villa and surroundings. We warmly recommend that you’ll take the time to go through the info folder.

If you have any questions regarding the villa prior your visit you can always contact us via or +358400240831. We are always happy to help.


To make your arrival as smooth as possible here are the directions to the Hawkhill Cottage Village from Helsinki airport. You can easily change as the starting point your hotel or home address.

Directions from Helsinki airport to Hawkhill Main sign post

Directions from Helsinki Vuosaari harbor to the main signpost of the Cottage Village.

The exact address of your villa you can find from the booking confirmation which you received via email when the holiday was booked.

Directions to Villa Iivari

For guests arriving to Villa Iivari, please use these directions which will guide you directly to your villa’s parking lot. Villa Iivari’s parking lot turns off a little bit before the cottage village’s main signpost.

Directions from Helsinki airport to Villa Iivari

Directions from Helsinki Vuosaari harbor to Villa Iivari

Closest grocery stores

Coming from Helsinki direction the closest medium size grocery stores are located in Veikkola (S-Market) and K-Supermarket), right behind Neste petrol station. It is about 15 min. drive from Veikkola to the villas.

S-market and K-Supermarket (right next to each other).

Coming from Turku direction Lempola shopping park’s S-market and K-Supermarket are the closest medium size stores. From Lempola it is about 30 mins drive to the villas.

Lempola kauppapuisto info pages.

Grocery stores: S-market Lempola and K-Supermarket Lempola.

Bigger stores Prisma, K-Citymarket and the liquor store Alko are located in Nummela. Prisma Nummela is open 24/7 and there’s also 24/7 laundromat.

The closest store to the Cottage Village is a small K-market in Ojakkala.

Buying liquor in Finland

Like in other Nordic countries the grocery stores are licensed to sell only mild alcohol beverages up to 5,5%. Anything stronger than that – also including wine – must be purchased from a specialized liquor store called Alko. The closest Alko is located in Nummela.

Groceries delivered to the villas

There are a few grocery stores which deliver groceries to the villas: K-Supermarket Vihti, K-Supermarket Nummela, K-Citymarket Nummela and Prisma Nummela. The grocery stores have web shops, but currently only in Finnish, the translate option of your web browser can be of help.

Pizzeria Ciao Bella located in Ojakkala delivers pizzas and meals to the villas. We recommend to pre-order.

Cottage etiquette

Cottage peace

It is very important for us that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy the beauty and silence of Finnish nature. Please be polite and avoid loud activities outdoors. The lake carries all sounds directly to the villas next to yours and also to the opposite shore. For this reason we cannot rent our villas for loud parties.

Music can be enjoyed indoors so that it doesn’t bother neighbors.

Accommodation capacity

The villa’s maximum accommodation capacity is stated in our web pages and due to fire and safety regulations it cannot be exceeded.


All our villas are non-smoking. Ash trays can be found at the porch of each villa. When forest fire warning is on, be extra careful with the smoking.

Tip! A single cigarette bud thrown into nature takes 15-20 years to dissolve and even then, it leaves micro plastic to nature. Please consider before throwing cigarette buds into nature – ash tray is a better place for it.

Outdoor fires and candles

All our villas are made of wood so please be especially careful when handling fire. When using the barbeque, remember to keep a safety distance of 3 meters from anything that might catch fire. Candles and outdoor fires can only be used when placed on a fireproof surface – never directly onto the wooden deck, wooden tables, or other wooden surfaces.

Check forest fire warning before lighting outdoor fires or candles. Whoever lights the fire is always responsible for the safety of the fire. Here the link to Finnish Meteorological Institute’s online warnings list for checking the current situation. Look for area Uusimaa.

We wish you a relaxing and safe cottage holiday!


Here some more tips on how to spend your holiday at Hawkhill and in Nuuksio National Park.

From Hawkhill you have a great opportunity to explore the rugged nature of Nuuksio National Park’s lake highlands. At the villa there are some maps available so you can plan your routes. If you want to use smaller unmarked paths, we recommend to purchase a Nuuksio orienteering map (1:15 000) which is available in well equipped book stores or e.g. Luontokeskus Haltia shop.

A good digital website is Retkikartta i.e. Excursionmap provided by Metsähallitus, the Finnish state forest rangers. This digimap can be used for searching destinations and you can also filter different map layers and print maps. From the same service you’ll find all the National Parks of Finland.

Outdoor Etiquette in Finnish National Parks

In Finland we have the great opportunity to use Everyman’s rights which grants everybody a wide range of rights in our forests. But the rights also come along with responsibilities which everybody who goes into the forest should know. With this website you’ll get a brief introduction to the outdoor etiquette of Finland. When using the forest responsibly and taking everybody into consideration, one goes a long way.

Nuuksio marked trails

The Nuuksio National Park offers hikers lots of variable routes. Here’s a link to the official marked trails map which is maintained by Metsähallitus, the Finnish state forest rangers.


Fun activities and rental services

From Hawkhill you can easily rent mountain bikes, fat-bikes, kick-bikes, SUP-boards, snow-shoes, kick-sledges etc. Pleace contact us for more information:

NaturaViva located at Haukkalampi rents out canoes, SUP-boards, fat-bikes and even rowing boats.

Finnish Nature Center Haltia rents out e-bikes, fat-bikes, hiking gear and equipment. At the same time be sure to visit the nature inspired art exhibition and have lunch or a cup of coffee at Restaurant Haltia.

Nuuksio National Park is seamlessly linked to Salmi outdoor recreation area in the North. From Salmi you can also find lovely hiking routes, equipment rental and a coffee shop.

Hiking routes (in Finnish)

Pohjoisen Pirtti outdoor activities

Are you looking for activities which are totally free of charge?

We gathered you a list for fun things to do.

Couple of interesting web-sites for Nuuksio National Park visitors:

Finnish Nature Center Haltia

White Reindeer Park (check opening hours)

Vihti Golf / Vihti Ski



In case of emergency, call 112

We recommend downloading a free 112 Suomi -app to your mobile phone and call the emergency call directly from the app. Allow location services to the app and this way the Emergency Services either directly see your location or you can read the location coordinates to them. We are located in a rural area, and it will take some time for the help to arrive – in case of emergency every minute counts.

Download the app from here.

Fire-fighting equipment

All our villas have a foam fire extinguisher near the front door as well as a fire extinguisher blanket in the kitchen. The villas also have a first aid kit.

Forest fire warning

When the grass or forest fire warning is in force the camp fire places of the villas cannot be used due to risk of fire. The villa’s coal barbeques can be used during the forest fire warning – if they are well looked after while they are hot.  Check forest fire warnings before lighting outdoor fires, barbeque or candles. Whoever lights the fire is always responsible for the safety of the fire. Here link to Finnish Meteorological Institute’s online warnings list for checking the current situation. Look for area Uusimaa.

Using the villa’s fireplace

Each of our villas has its own fireplace – Villa Juhani even has two of them. Each of the fireplaces is unique and only by using it you’ll find the best way of burning it.

Below you’ll find instructions to each villa’s fireplace, please read your villa’s instructions carefully.

There are many ways to burn the fireplace and for the environment it would be best to do it so that as little particles will get to the air as possible. Here tips for low-emission wood burning. More tips you can also find from the cottage Info folder.

Heating of the villa

In the villa, the heating is controlled by a system with artificial intelligence. The temperature of the villa cannot be adjusted from the villa, but if you want to change the temperature, please call the on-call service on 0400240831. Villa Taavetti has floor heating, which reacts slowly to temperature changes, and it takes 6–12 hours to reach a new temperature. Please do not adjust the controls in the rooms of the villa as they don’t influence the temperature.

Before check-out

When the holiday is almost over, it is time to make the final preparations for departure. From the villa’s Info folder you’ll find check-out instructions, which is a short list of tasks to be done before check-out. You can also read the check-out instructions from here.

In smaller villas it is possible to clean the villa yourself and the cleaning instructions can be found in the cottage Info folder, behind the check-out instructions or in the above link. Please remember that the final cleaning should be done so that next guests can directly be checked in. A quick brush is unfortunately not enough. Thank you for being considerate to the next guests.

The normal check-out time is at 12.00 (noon) on the day of departure.


We are always glad to receive feedback, suggestions or wishes you might have towards the holiday villa, to improve our service.

The feedback can be easily sent for example via this link. If you have any questions or wishes during your holiday, please let us know. Many things can be corrected with a quick maintenance visit to the villa.

Wishing you a very cosy and comfortable cottage holiday!


Here you’ll find instructions for each villa’s sauna and fireplaces

Before putting the sauna stove on, please check the sauna etiquette.
Here you’ll find also instructions for the fireplaces.