Instructions for Villa Taavetti's sauna and fireplace

Villa Taavetti’s sauna etiquette

1.  Switch the sauna heater on by turning the timer clockwise in the sauna dressing room wall, as shown with the arrow. Check that there is nothing in the sauna room which could catch fire. This sauna stove is a big one and heats in 80 minutes. Please be ready to go to sauna when the stove is ready.

2.   Throw only clean, fresh water onto the sauna heater.

3.   Wash yourself before going to sauna.

4.  Sit on the seat cover and enjoy the lovely hot steam.

5. OFF
When you are done, switch the sauna heater off by turning the timer counter-clockwise. When the signal lamp on the wall goes off, the sauna stove is off.

6.   Empty the water bucket and place it upside down to dry. Also wipe the shower room floor with a floor wiper.

7. Ventilate well. Leave the connecting door between sauna and shower room open. Open the sauna window and leave it open for about 10-15 minutes. During winter a shorter time is adequate.

8.  Drink plenty of water or soft drinks after sauna.