How to prepare for summer – five tips for taking the best out of spring season

Cute ginger girl sitting on wooden planked footway and working with laptop in summer day against beautiful landscape of northern lake and forest. Freelance, work and travel concept. Karelia, Russia.

The spring sun and the awakening of nature bring energy and enthusiasm towards the summer. We’ve put together five tips to help you prepare for summer and the holiday season as rewardingly as possible.

1 – Move the remote workstation to the nature

If daily routines do not bind you home, book a holiday home in the vicinity and move your workplace to better scenery. Alongside the cottage, a couple of hotel nights can bring a wonderful variation in routines and give a sense of summer and vacation. Many now have the rare opportunity to enjoy a varied everyday life, even in the beautiful scenery of the national park, within half an hour distance of the city.

The peace of the countryside can be applied for a longer period of time, and even for children attending a distance school, the environment offers a lot of stimulation and things to learn. Of the accommodations in Haukkalampi, our traditional home style cottage Villa Toini is especially suitable for this.

2 – Don’t waste time on commuting

It is always nice and also environmentally friendly to stay close and plan a holiday in that offers carefree efficiency. Long flights or a full day’s drive will be replaced by enjoying your own time and experiencing something new in the surrounding area. Invest in places and things to be found in the vicinity that you have not tried yet.

3 – Learn new things about local nature

Guided nature tours can provide new and inspiring ways to experience nearby nature. Our own favourite for enjoyment and pleasurable sightseeing is the wild herb course that takes you to the nearby forest or to the edge of the field. In the course, you will learn how to conjure up the delicacies of a summer kitchen from surprising ingredients that are available to everyone for free. In the wild herb course, you will learn to use herbs holistically.

4 – Eat outside, literally

Leave your barbecue cold for a while, pack up the quality ingredients and head to the campfire or shed to cook. If cooking with open fire in not yet your thing, book a table at the forest restaurant and let the professional wilderness chef conjure up a festive meal for you and your party.

5 – Use local services

Abroad, we easily indulge in excursions and tours, with guides sharing information and helping you get the most out of your holiday. Stop to think about how well you know the culture of the neighborhood and everything you can experience without going far. Jump on a horseback ride, let the wilderness guide introduce you to the traces of the animals in the forest, go fishing with a professional guide or make your own ice sculpture.

The easiest way to find the services in the Nuuksio area is on the Nuuksio Lakeland website shared by our entrepreneurs and in the activity section of our favourite kayaking trips.