Nordic Luxury All Inclusive Package

For those looking for the complete Nordic Luxury experience, this package is for you. Spend five nights at one of Hawkhill’s sustainable high-end villas and experience the unique combination of nature, sustainability, effortless quality, serenity and wellness. Because of our professionalism and strive for quality, combined with our unique location cradled by the Nuuksio Natural Park, this is an experience you will not find anywhere else. If you want to sit back, relax, log off and lose track of time without a worry in the world, this is for you.

Duration: 5 nights. Check-in at 16:00, check-out at 12:00.

People: 1-16

Price: From €2,500 / pp for 1-2 persons sharing a villa and from €1,900 / pp for 2-4 persons sharing a villa. Max 16 persons.

Availability: Jan 2 to May 31, and Sept 1 to Dec 20. Starting any day from Monday to Saturday.

Your accommodation will be one of our sustainable wooden villas or traditional hand-built log cottages. Located by a calm lake and surrounded by the Nuuksio National Park, all villas and cottages come with their own sauna, private beach, rowing boat and a campfire place for you to enjoy.

Your dedicated host will meet you upon arrival to help you settle down and introduce you to your villa, and you will be served refreshing welcome drinks. Your host will be available to ensure you get to experience our unique combination of privacy and peace in nature, with convenience of having everything ready for you.

Breakfasts, lunches and tailored dinners will be served directly at your villa every day, introducing you to the world of Finnish cuisine – high quality and profoundly delicious. Hawkhill’s very own chefs are in charge of the catering, using the otherwise unoccupied, fully equipped kitchen of the nearby Tervalampi school. This way, the food is always very freshly served, while we do our part in supporting the village community. Our chefs favour seasonal, locally sourced and sustainable products.

For four mornings and three afternoons, you will be treated to one of the programmes of your choosing. You can ‘plug and play’ from the options below (or see the full list here), or ask us for even more tailored experiences. This way, it is up to you if you prefer to fine-tune your stay by adding active exercises, relaxing and rejuvenating classes, informative learning experiences, or a mix of everything!

TIP: It is often more beneficial and interesting if you choose the same programme several times. It will never be the same – as the group develops their skills, we can delve deeper into the subject and provide a more enticing and enriching experience every time.

We suggest the final evening of your stay to be free of organised programme. That allows you to unwind and enjoy your sauna and dinner in the slow way. Of course, if you so choose, you can also engage in one of our free activities or add one more guided programme to your schedule.

What’s included:

  • Private lakeside villa, double rooms, linen, towels, eco soaps and shampoo, final cleaning.
  • Full board catering.
  • Your personal host, to meet on arrival.
  • 4 morning programmes and 3 afternoon programmes to choose from the below list.

Choose from the following programmes to enrich your experience:

  • Guided Hike in the Nuuksio Lakeland: For a nice afternoon activity before sauna, venture outside to experience the magic of the Finnish nature; feel the beauty of mossy forests, smell the scents of bog and watch the stillness of a glimmering forest lake. Our experienced guide will tailor the route to the season, weather and group’s needs. For a truly unique hiking experience, ask for our Bog Know-How and Alien Species venture, which allows you to explore our bog as well as learn about Finnish bog mythology and restoring the biodiversity of bogs.
  • Wild Herbs: CO2-free Nutrition: Hawkhill’s Wild Herb Course is a great way to get to know the most common wild plants that are easy to find in Finnish forests and meadows. You will get the best tips on how to identify, forage, handle, preserve and enjoy the plants. A trained wilderness guide, who is an eager wild herb enthusiast herself, will be your guide, happily sharing her tastiest recipes with you. Options to add to this programme: wild herb tea tasting, wild herb lecture (1 hour), delicious wild herb dinner by the fire, wild herb foot bath workshop.
  • Learn Cooking by the Fire with our Wilderness Chef: In Finland, the most traditional way of cooking is using open fire for cooking. Our one-of-a-kind outdoor open-fire kitchen is a perfect place to learn secrets of the open fire cooking. You will learn to cook a delicious three-course dinner under the guidance of a wilderness chef who will hand over all his delicious recipes. The ingredients are sourced locally and include wild herbs and with positive co2 footprint.
  • Breathing with the Forest: Based on both Eastern and Western skills and knowledge, this one-hour class is aimed at creating an even deeper sense of wellbeing by reinforcing the mind-body connection and connection with nature. By engaging in soft, primal movement synchronised with breathing, you can re-discover what ancient humans knew naturally: we are all one.
  • Sweat and Sisu Before Sauna: What feels amazing? Sauna. What feels even better? Sauna after rigorous exercise. For many Finns, working out a sweat and relaxing in sauna afterwards are a loved combination that increases a sense of wellbeing and treats the body. But, as they say, no pain, no gain – that famous Finnish sisu is the final ingredient needed to make it just perfect. An hour of intense exercise, tailored to the group and according to the weather. At least moderate fitness level required from the participants.
  • Build a Bug Hotel or a Bird House: Doing something good with your hands is both relaxing and rewarding. To add a touch of regenerative tourism into your programme, help us to protect biodiversity by building a bug hotel or a bird house. You will learn about the species that can inhabit it as well as their life, and after the workshop you get to place your work in its suitable environment.
  • Tailored, traditional exercise classes – choose from the following: Yoga (gentle or more sportive depending on your needs), Hammock Relaxation in the Forest, Tai Chi (for a more profound mind-body connection), Bodyweight Exercise with Stretching, Martial Arts-based Exercise Class, Self-Defense in the Daily Life (theory + practice).